Our Universe

During my quest for 2012 videos I ran across a lot of beautiful videos on our Earth and solar system, so here they are:

Conspiracy of Science-Earth is in fact growing
Expanding Earth [l=3:10]
attack-of-the-sun returning-to-the-moon
Attack of the Sun [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=18:18] Returning to the Moon [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=17:42]
hubble-telescope earth-100-million-years-from-now
Hubble Telescope [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=15:54] Earth 100 Million Years From Now [g=9,v=10,a=10,l=3:19]
how-large-is-the-universe when-will-time-end
How Large is the Universe? [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=20:13] When Will Time End? [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=21:15]

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